Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Phone Case


Samsung Galaxy J3(6) Phone Case:

  • A classic leather case.
  • Ultimate style and protection to complement the phone.
  • Firm grip when held and absords shock damage when phone is dropped.
  • Two credit/debit card slots and a larger slot for noted money.
  • Very durable case.


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A classic leather case, this Wallet Case offers ultimate style and protection to perfectly complement your phone.

The case provides a firm grip when held and also absorbs shock damage if your phone is dropped. The case is designed so that all sockets and parts are accessible whilst the phone is attached. It has two useful slots for Credit/Debit Cards, etc and a larger slot for bank notes. The stylish Snakehive brand logo is embossed on the front of the case.

The leather has a thin laminate applied to the outer layer. This helps prevent scratches and wear and tear, and will ensure the case keeps its smart appearance and lasts longer.

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