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Mobile Phone


  • Why should I get my device repaired at TheMobyShop?
    In this new technological age our devices are more valuable than ever. TheMobyShop holds itself to the highest standards of repair and only uses high quality parts to ensure our customers leave satisfied. Our technicians work tirelessly, honing their craft, often completing repairs others have deemed impossible. Here at TheMobyShop we understand how important it is to receive great service and so we strive to always supply it.
  • What should I do before I hand over my device?
    Here at TheMobyShop we take data protection very seriously and we are proud to say our growing customer base has full faith in our team. However, we always recommend that you back-up your device and for security reasons reset your device back to factory settings before booking in.
  • How long will my repair take?
    The overwhelming majority of repairs can be completed within the same day if not 1 to 2 hours. Despite this, some repairs will take longer due to a number of factors that will be discussed at the time of booking or during the repair process itself if necessary. These repairs will most likely take no longer than 72 hours.
  • Will my manufacturer’s warranty be void if I use TheMobyShop?
    We are a third-party independent repair service, using our service can void your warranty. However there is no need to panic as we offer our own warranty for all repairs! Please click here for more details and view our terms and conditions.
  • Is TheMobyShop an Apple & Samsung authorised Supplier/Repair Centre?
    TheMobyShop is an independent alternative service to Apple and Samsung. We have a high standard of repair and only use high quality parts for all of our repairs.
  • Why does TheMobyShop ask for my device Password/PIN?
    When you book in a device to be repaired with us here at TheMobyShop we will ask you for the password to the device. We do this so that our technician, during the repair process, is able to perform tests to ensure all components are functioning correctly. TheMobyShop adheres to data protection law and will in no way access any customer data without express consent and instruction. Should you wish not to provide your password we ask that this is made clear upon booking the device in. Please be advised that in order to test the device it may be factory reset and as such we suggest backing up all data and performing this reset before booking in the device for repair. You can view our privacy policy here.
  • Does my repair come with a warranty?
    Our out of warranty/chargeable repairs are guaranteed for 30 days from the date the equipment/device is ready for collection. Please note liquid damaged equipment/devices DO NOT receive any warranty. Please check our terms and conditions for more details.
  • Can I wait in the store while my device is repaired?
    Although the team here at TheMobyShop adore the company of our customers we do not have the necessary space or facilities to allow customers to wait in store while their repair is conducted. However! As we are in Bilston the town centre is only a couple of minutes walk away where hot drinks and shopping facilities abound to keep you entertained until we are ready for you to stop by and pick up your tech!
  • My screen isn’t cracked but the touch isn’t working, do still I need a screen replacement?
    Unfortunately a screen no longer responding to touch almost always means that it needs to be replaced. It’s important to remember that even if you can’t see any damage, it doesn’t mean that the device doesn’t require replacement parts.
  • Are TheMobyShop screens original Apple / Samsung parts?
    As an independent repair company, we strive to supply and fit only the best parts available. Where possible we use Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parts, however certain manufacturers do not sell replacement parts for their devices. Because of this where it is impossible to provide original parts you can expect only the best 3rd party alternatives.
  • What if I need support after I’ve collected my repair?
    We’re always happy to help and the last thing we want is unhappy customers. If there is ever any further help you need please don’t hesitate to call us 01902 238788 or email our team
  • Do you have any special offers?
    We have great deals throughout the year. Join our mailing list or call our sales team on 01902 238788 and we may even throw in a freebie!
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